In 2013, however, and to follow her dreams, Christina moved to Paris where she took a Master in Advanced Pattern Design and Fashion Design at the Chambre Syndicale School of Fashion. That is where she completed a few creative projects and participated in national fashion contests for Kobe (Japanese), Carapaces (part of Les Enfants Terribles, Paris), Sixième Étage (H&M design award) and Let Me Shine (Hyères contest). 

In 2014, she worked with the wedding dress designer, Christophe-Alexandre Docquin, from whom she learnt the French-touch techniques.Later, she started working for the most prestigious fashion houses´ dressmaking workshops such as Chanel, Givenchy, Louis Vuitton, Saint-Laurent, etc. She participated in the completion of the most exquisite haute couture pieces, which enabled her to polish her sewing, textile design and garment construction techniques.