Price: 19,90 €

5 Masks: The fifth is half the price
10 Masks: The tenth is FREE

Washable and reusable mask

The face mask is made in our Parisian workshops with upcycled materials.
Two layers of fabric, 1 outer layer is 80g non-woven fabric and the inner layer is 100% Polycotton material.
Beautiful finishes.
Elastics to fix the mask.
Unique size.

The face mask guarantees effective protection thanks to its filtering power in accordance with the Material databases on results Anti projections of Afnor standards.


The Mask in Non Woven Fabric is machine washable – Machine wash with a detergent suitable for the fabric whose cycle will include at least a tray of 30 minutes at 60 ° C.
Mechanical drying.
2 layers of fabric.
Iron at a temperature of 120 ° / 130 ° C.


Also sends International. Free Shipping only at the Delivery point. Delivery between 7 and 15 working days after purchase.

We remind you that the face mask is no longer effective if it is worn for more than 4 hours, the face mask does not replace barrier gestures as well as social distancing rules, this mask is intended for personal use and daily, it is not approved for medical use.

For hygienic reasons, this product cannot be returned.

The face mask does not replace the barrier gestures as well as the rules of social distancing.