“I learnt how to sew by watching my mother”, Christina always says. Being the 10th child in a family of 11, she started from a very young age to make alterations on the family clothes that were handed down to her from older siblings. She also used to sketch her outfits to plan what she wanted to wear throughout the week.


When she finished high school, she decided to pursue a career in the world of fashion and she enrolled in an Industrial Pattern Design course in Valladolid. Subsequently, she moved to Madrid to study Fashion Design at a fashion school.


In 2003, Christina presented her first collection, « Rêve », in a contest for the young designers of Castilla y León.

From that moment on, she designed small collections to follow her artistic path, making tailor-made fashion headwear for clients and sketching fashion illustrations, her great passion.


Christina participated in a number of projects as a stylist in Madrid and collaborated on many photoshoots for fashion publications.


In 2009, she started to further develop her artistic side and executed creations in painting and sculpture, mixing different techniques. She showcased her art in a number of events and exhibitions along with various artists of the Spanish capital.


In 2012, she started a project with the famous Spanish designer María Escoté with whom she worked on two of her most important collections presented at the Madrid Fashion Week: Poisson and Private Dancer. Thanks to her, Christina had the opportunity to work closely with great Spanish stylists, photographers, make-up artists and actors and which gave her business acumen in the Fashion industry.


In 2013, however, Christina moved to Paris to follow her dreams and took a Master´s in Advanced Pattern Design and Fashion Design at the Chambre Syndicale School of Fashion. That is where she completed a few creative projects and participated in some national fashion contests for Kobe (Japanese), Carapaces (part of Les Enfants Terribles, Paris), Sixième Étage (H&M design award) and Let Me Shine (Hyères contest).


 In 2014, she worked for the wedding dress designer Christophe-Alexandre Docquin from whom she learnt the French savoir-faire.

Later, she started working for the most prestigious fashion house dressmaking workshops such as Chanel, Givenchy, Louis Vuitton, Saint-Laurent, etc. She participated in the completion of the most exquisite haute couture pieces, which enabled her to polish her techniques in sewing, textile design and garment construction.


In 2016, when working with Saint-Laurent by Heidi Slimane, one of Christina´s dreams became reality. She got to travel to Los Angeles for one of the greatest fashion events in the world, one of the most important fashion shows of “Saint-Laurent at the Hollywood Palladium”, a unique experience that would pave the way to the launch of her own brand, Christina Prieth. The brand´s concept is timeless dresses for women who describe themselves as “fun, feminine, positive, self-confident and who know what they want”.


Currently, Christina juggles the set-up of her brand, Christina Prieth, her collaborations with prestigious Paris fashion houses and Art as a way of life and a form of expression.


    *Translation by Edouard Emmanuel Lerisse ( translator and interpreter )

 Portrait by RINALDO SATA (New York, 2016)